This band was formed by Nanalan, Weeb, but a good friend, and Alpha and was active from 2016 through 2016. Originally Alpha thought the band was a joke, but Weeb,but a good friend ended up actually buying a bass guitar, so Alpha bought a synthesizer. Nanalan already had a guitar prior to the band formation. The band has gone through 5 documented break-ups. The first two occurred on the same day that the band was formed. The following day the band made up and promptly broke up again. The day after, the band went through the last two breakups. The source of the conflict for the last two breakups were due to bad blood between the bandmembers, Nanalan and Alpha, and Avery. Avery had lied to them about purchasing a drum set from Amazon, and tried covering it up by poorly photoshopping the cart page.

The band name comes from an essay from a collection of literary criticism on the works of Albert Camus. The band was short-lived as they continually missed their gigs. To this day CLS remains the only band to ever specialize in literary criticism based music and Boston covers.

CLS did have some very hardcore fans from the beginning, that are still waiting for the return of the band to this day.


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