Avery is really lame and does not have Facebook so he is unable to join in on the groupchat fun. Since Avery is unable to defend himself the other members take the opportunity to roast him in the groupchat. Pictures of him are also used as reaction photos in the groupchat. The first usage of the Avery reaction picture was on July 15, 2016. Roasting Avery is not too difficult. It usually just consists of commenting on his loud cackling and sneezing. It would be more fun if Avery would actually get out of the 20th century and get Facebook. You would think someone capable of building a fucking desk with hydraulics and shit would be able to download an app.

The roasts have also been used in several Avery roleplaying scenarios. Often they reuse the term "This is Avery" which Alpha kept saying during a phone call when Weeb, but a good friend called him on July 23, 2016.

Avery Roleplay 1 July 27, 2016:

Alpha: This is Avery
Weeb, but a good friend: Hey Avery. Continue the snapstreak please
Alpha: Ok let me send a picture without words and attempt no conversation. Thank you Avery
Weeb, but a good friend: Np
Avery Roleplay 2 July 28, 2016:
Alpha: This is Avery
Weeb, but a good friend: Can you please not ridicule my love for anime? Thanks bud
Alpha: Ok I'm sorry. I'll try to be a more stand-up guy like Alpha
Weeb, but a good friend: Okay cool thanks *ends call*
Avery Roleplay 3 July 28, 2016:
See the page on Bull Shit

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