The Shitpost Squad groupchat began on March 28, 2016 after Alpha found the source of the Mr. Orange meme and wanted to share it with his friends Nanalan, Weeb, but a good friend, and Paul=g4y. It is important to note that at the time this information was shared these nicknames had not been assigned and the group was not officially known as the "Shitpost Squad". The groupchat has persisted as the main communication method between Alpha, Nanalan, and Weeb, but a good friend. Paul=g4y is more of a friend of the Shitpost Squad that occasionally drops by rather than an official member. Nicknames and the groupchat name were officially added on May 14, 2016 when the groupchat was revived as a way to remain in contact over summer break.

Paul=g4y originates from a night of playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii U. The name Nanalan originates from a children's tv show that has been subjected to numerous dank memes on the Internet that the person with the nickname became obsessed with. The name Alpha is a parody of the fact that the person nicknamed Alpha is the furthest thing from an alpha.

Weeb, but a good friend is the only member of the Shitpost Squad to have his nickname changed. His current name history is:



Weeb, but a good friend


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